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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Private Eye
must be having a field day with this whole thing. The St. Albion Parish News has a couple of gems:

A Message From Rev. Dubya, the Grand Tabernacle,
Salt Tears City
My fellow Righteous Brothers in Englandland!
I am greatly looking forward to my visit to your beautiful country, wherever it is! Mrs Dubya and I are counting the days until we can break bread with you and take a tour of your fabled heritage sites:

Windsor Palace
Buckingham Castle
The Leaning Tower of Harrods
Brother Rumsfeld says he is very sorry not to be with us on this occasion, but he and Sister Condy are having to stay home to keep ever vigilant lest Satan creeps in in the middle of the night “seeking whom he may devour”
Yours in the Lord!
Rev. Dubya

Mr Straw writes: We are all hugely looking forward to the visit which is shortly to be paid to the parish by our good friend the Rev. Dubya of the Church of the Latter-Day Morons.
I know that a tiny minority of 100,000 or so troublemakers are thinking of trying to spoil what should be a wonderful day of celebration, so let me just warn them that the long-range weather forecasters are predicting torrential rain, hurricane winds, deadly lightning and a possible collision with a 75-million-tonne asteroid! So it is my advice to any would-be troublemakers that they would be well advised to stay at home and watch the Rev. Dubya driving down the High Street with the Vicar in glorious sunshine on our local TV news! J.S.
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