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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Moving a Blog to a different account....
Blogger Tips & Tricks walks through the process of migrating a blog to a different account (so that you can have a different profile on one of your blogs...) Simply put, create a new account, add the new account as a member on the existing blog that you want to "move", make the new user an admin, then delete the old user as a contributor. Interesting, esp. if you have multiple blogs & the one that has taken off is not the one that your profile is optimised for.

For the detailed walkthrough, see Blogger Tips & Tricks

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Posted at 9:36 AM by John.
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Blogger Yash said...
I was thinking I could use this method to move my blogs from blogger to another account in blogger beta because the option to upgrade my existing blogs isnt available to me yet.

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