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Monday, September 25, 2006
Sharing Code in Beta
My eye was recently caught by a Slashdot comment on Scott's code-table submission. The uber-geek commenter in question, in an attempt to belittle Scott's efforts, wondered "just how hard is it to view source".... (har-de-har!)

Not hard, of course, but in the Blogger of the Beta it doesn't work. Beta Help says that "in your published blog, all <b:section></b:section> and <b:widget></b:widget> tags will be replaced with <div></div> tags, which will have the specified ID. So you are welcome to refer to, for example, div.header or div.myList in your CSS if you want to."

Long & short of it.... View source is no longer going to reflect cut & pasteable examples of features that you want to add.

I bring this up because it presents an opportunity for collaboration & for the sharing of widget code. Singpolyma has taken a major and significant step down this road by establishing & publishing a proposed shared standard for javascript widgets known as widget data. Excellent.

Might I also propose a "beta code" category on the wiki for swapping & sharing beta widgets?

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