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Saturday, September 23, 2006
Digg Traffic vs. Traffic
Brian Clark at Performancing compares the two, & finds that, in the long run, 'tis better to be'd than to be Dugg.

Creating content with the bookmark in mind tends to make you concentrate more on delivering truly useful resources, rather than just pulling stunts to pull traffic. Getting the right type of traffic (rather than just tons of traffic) is one of the main keys to a successful blog. So, aim for getting a bookmark, and you just might get Dugg too.

Go read the 3 reasons why.... As you know I'm philosphically pre-primed to agree with Brian that quality content is the critical issue. Whether you carefully craft your posts so that they get bookmarked, so that your ads get eyeballs, or so that they make sense and can inform / persuade your reader, the important part is that you craft (the majority of) your posts, rather than slapping up the first thing that comes to mind. Say it with me... Content then Linking then Ranking.

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Posted at 5:25 PM by John.
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Blogger Homework62 said...
I have to try this one myself, but I am having difficulty using delicious at the moment

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
There’s a site out there called that helps promote your digg articles if you’re looking to generate more traffic from digg. It’s main purpose is to help businesses who use to promote themselves.

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Blogger Ed Kohler said... leaning posts to tend to be more "evergreen" than things that run up to the top of There is plenty of overlap, but when it comes to long-term traffic generation, link building, and high search engine rankings, columns are probably a better choice.

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