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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Commenting between Blogger versions is fixed
Imp reports that the bug preventing Beta users from commenting on regular ole' blogger blogs (like this one) has been fixed. The details are on Blogger Buzz, courtesy (as the post title suggests) of the Grogmaster himself. Arrr! Get that man a parrot...

...or maybe he already has one?

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Posted at 6:18 PM by John.
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Blogger Peter @ Enviroman said...
Yes, that bug has been reported as fixed. I have also tested it. See Testing non-beta blogger commenting on beta blog and vice versa, but read the COMMENTS. Also, read a few posts complaining that they couldn't comment after it was reported fixed at the Google Blogger Help forum. And a reader emailed me regarding something in my blog when he tried to comment, but couldn't, and that was also after it was reported as fixed.

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