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Sunday, September 03, 2006
Beta Label URL's now Microformat Compliant
More great stuff at Hackosphere.... this time a couple of posts that note a change in the structure of Beta's label URL's so that they follow the rel-tag microformat

As rolled out w/ the beta, the format was:

which has now been amended to:

making the tagword the end of the URL, and the whole thing kosher as related to the specifications for tags. Methinks that having the query part of the URL back in play will open up some modification possibilities that had previously been closed off too.....

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Posted at 8:06 PM by John.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hello John,

Based on Ramani's work on social book marking hotlinks and some wordpress blogger I have setup a number of picture based social bookmarking links for blogger beta blog. Pleas have a look at it here

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Blogger Raquel said...
John, I need some help. Is it possible to use the farago comments on beta version? If yes please provide me some information.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
John, I have added URLs for using google tranlate in beta blogger here

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Blogger John said...

No need.... Simply take your blog's comment feed URL, & generate a feed widget with it. See instructions here.

The feed url is supposed to show on the page, but this is currently broken for blogs that have migrated. I don't know whether the URL display is broken, or the whole feed is broken? Either way, worth trying the widget. I'm sure they'll fix it asap.

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