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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
For Blogger 2.0?
Jason Tsang's all set up at Blogger, and, along with the rest of us, learning more about Blogging means coming to terms with the limitations. He's thinking of switching hosts:

Why would I think this? For the following reasons:

  1. Lack of posting categories
  2. Lack of a true trackback facility
  3. Lack of RSS feeds for comments
  4. (Related to point 1) Lack of RSS feeds for posting categories
  5. Inflexibility of Blogger to host files other than photos
  6. Need for better template creation/editing tools
Of course we at Freshblog have a number of hacks and tricks that can work around these limitations, but here's a further articulation of the need for Blogger 2.0, if and when such an upgrade occurs, to reflect the current and future state of the art. Blogging is currently a much more dynamic activity than the default platform allows. For a thread on this, see Stephen's Blog Platform survey, and the discussion of necessary additional features at Googlist.

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Posted at 9:25 AM by John.
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Blogger Bastich said...
I agree. Simple categories and maybe easy trackback will beef up Blogger.

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Blogger Jen said...
I left this comment at JTSang as well:

It is a little frustrating to implement hacks into Blogger, particularly when I know next to nothing about Javascript. I considered moving to another Blog platform, but I thought this: If Blogger is owned by Google, I think it's safe to say that at somepoint soon, they will integrate a lot of the features that other Blog platforms have in the near future. I'd rather not get set up with another blog elsewhere, and then move back to Blogger after these changes are made. I used to Blog back in the day, a few years ago, and just recently started blogging again. The tremendous amounts of change that occurred were difficult to keep updated with, ie, RSS/XML, Categories, Trackbacks and backlinks, etc. Trying to learn about all these with a limited system is a little frustrating.
Something else to note about the limited file-support: Not only does Blogger only support pictures, but there is no easy way to stay on top of that. Theres no list of uploaded pictures in the Dashboard. The only way to access the link to the picture is when you upload it in a particular post, and then you link to it from there. Theres no way to keep track of them all in one place--they are spread out all over your posts as you use them. I've had to upload pictures in a post, copy the links to them, and then delete the post just so I can use them elsewhere, ie, my sidebar or template in general. Quite annoying.

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