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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Reverse Post Order and Random Post Hacks
Mario from Caso Pathologico sends word of two new hacks for Blogger. The first reverses the order of the posts listed on your main and archive pages, so that the early stuff is at the top of the pile and the new stuff is at the end... This also allows for a very slick "change the post order" link at the top of Mario's main page.

Mario's second hack uses to add "Random Post" links to your blog. This requires that you bookmark all of your posts there... so I know a couple of hundred bloggers who have a leg-up!

There are translation links in the post footers, but if you read English, you may be better placed if you click the [English] links that follow each paragraph on Mario's blog. is consistently rendered as in the auto translation, which tends to confuse the heck outta ya!

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Posted at 6:13 PM by John.
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Blogger Pp. said...
I'm trying to read the hacks but that links don't work... :(

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Blogger Will Burns said...
I went through that step by step and I ended up with a non working link on my blog.

Anyone want to post a better step by step in english?

Also, why is there a link to change it to reverse listings? How about it automatically does it without user intervention? Would be nice...

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Blogger Darren Bourne said...
difficult to follow & impossible to execute. Can't someone that has made this work (I know there are some that have) please translate this hack & add some screen grabs showing where to put what?

I'm begging you

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Blogger db said...
The breakdown is the reference to . This does not exist in either the old or new blogger templates. I am still trying to hack through this, but thus far it does not function well. If I can find a site with a working example of this then viewing the source code may help, but thus far this information is useless.

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Anonymous ishan said...
Actually this can be achieved dynamically by using java script
you have to place the javascript code above closing body tag

I have posted a blogger hack to change post into reverse chronological order.........

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