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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Check out the categories at 3-Spots!
3-Spots rolls out some very fine looking categories. Not only is there a very nifty pop-out sidebar, but a "Freshtags" style menu that calls the post titles for each tag into a list under the tag, and all done with Netvouz instead of Very cool! Now there's a hack that's in need of a how-to... If you write it, Yuri, I'll link to it for sure!

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Posted at 7:35 PM by John.
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Blogger Sprittibee said...
Ok, John... you guys are way ahead of me on this. You'll probably need to send me an email and lay it out in non-techie language. I only use Delicious and Technorati. Am I supposed to be using all the other neat icons under your posts if I want to be "proper" about it? :)

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Blogger ycc2106 said...
Hmm... When i wrote, it was supposed to explain it, not only using Netvouz, but it's the same. Maybe it's too vague? You are the expert in tutorials. Do users prefer a step by step with no alternatives?

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Blogger John said...

I think the how-to is great, and I said so just a couple of days after this post. I think you made it v. easy to decide which social bookmarker you want to use. Good work!

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