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Monday, April 24, 2006
Sitemap Generator Hack
Three new userscripts for blogger, courtesy of Kuribo. Now you can add emoticons to Blogger, add an append link for CoComment, and (this is the one that I'm really excited about) generate a sitemap for Blogger. These are hosted on too, but there's something going on over there and I can't access those versions.

So. Sitemaps in review, since that's the one that's really got me interested. What do we know about sitemaps already? See my two previous posts, and the following:
  1. They're a way to get your site crawled more speedily by Google
  2. They're a way to access more comprehensive stats about your site (although Performancing Metrics may run this close at this point...)
  3. For maximum statistics, the service requires that you upload a verification file.
  4. Blogspot users are not able to access the server to upload the file.
So why the script? You can generate a sitemap without modification of blogger's settings. I don't think this cracks the verification issue, but a pretty cool sitemap can be had this way.
Here's the English Translation of Kuribo's original post.

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Posted at 3:58 PM by John.
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Blogger AJ said...
Hi John, I gave the sitemaps generator a whirl, but I can't get it to work. I added the Greasemonkey script...tried the bookmarklet approach too. How does one get from the script or the bookmarklet to a sitemap url?

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Blogger AJ said...
Never mind. After I examined the translated page carefully, I figured it out. The picture of the Blogger console was a dead give-away, even though the text was foreign.

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Blogger AJ said...
Looks like I need to humble myself and ask one more question. After generating my sitemap with Kuribo's Greasemonkey script, how do I derive the url I list with Google?

Kuribo says something about adding "sitemap.xml" to the original url, but that doesn't seem to be working.

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Blogger ycc2106 said...
I read, After you've got your sitemap.xml either by using the greasemonky script ot the bookmarklet... There's an entry 'How to use Google sitemap' well, it tells you to go to Google sitemap ->
HA! ;p
No realy, that's what it says. No joki'n

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