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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Million Dollar Homepage: The Next Generation
1000 Tags is selling inclusion in their tag-cloud. For more, see Zoli's Blog:
It may not be that original, but certainly is “cool”. At $25–$100 for shared tags and a lot more for exclusive ones, it could very well reach $1M.

I sense a new “land-grab” rush develop here: it’s easy to boost your traffic by buying a generic tag that describes your blog/site/product and be the only one listed in that category ( at least for a while).
There seem to be two competing imperatives here... one is the urge / instinct to monetize everything, sell space, and make capitalism work on the web, and the second is the "spirit of the tag," a free label that enables the exchange, expression and location of ideas.I wonder if this is a mashup that will stick...

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