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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Intro to RSS tutorial
While I'm out there trawling for "what's this and how does it work?" type stuff, here's a great article on RSS that might be of interest. Adding lots of "how-to" value, and a whole bunch of explanatory screencaps, Paul Stamatiou focuses on RSS use for Mac / Safari users, but there's plenty of good stuff for Windows folks too.

Oh, and new rule.... If you're steered to a new site twice in a week, that site's worth a sub!!
[Update since this probably wasn't clear.... I already subbed to Micropersuasion, & now sub to Paul Stamatiou too.....]

via Micropersuasion.

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Posted at 1:42 PM by John.
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Blogger Johan Sundström said...
Excellent; that sounds like I'll probably get a (heavily filtered) Micropersuasion feed here. :-) (I just unsubscribed from him, since I was drenched by the pace and only found a fraction of the posts of any interest.)

A small note, by the way -- I like the citing style along the lines of "Paul Stamatiou focuses on [RSS use for Mac / Safari users] (via [Micropersuasion])"; it's a good tradeoff between brevity and creditation, besides being useful for those who follow both feeds, so they can make the connection between your own thoughts about the link and the "source" feed's, without even following the link.

(Whoa. For such a small comment, this ended up verbose indeed.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
nice..its the new technology and have to folllow it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
You can try this matrix of 100 rss readers :

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