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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Commerce and Quality
Jim at SerotoninRain on trying to make money with your blog. Just don't do it, is all!
Okay, look. I don't want to write another too-long post, so I'll just say it: Please stop afflicting me with advertisements on your blog. I don't mind the reading lists and the CD's you're listening to. I don't even mind the paypal panhandling that some people do; it's cool. But adsense... that's ridiculous. Especially when the ads are in the middle of a post. That's a good way to lose me as a reader.

I read blogs because I like it, not because I'm into shopping. I can go to amazon for that. I'm glad there's no money in blogging, it's a relief. There's writing in blogging and good writing too, check out the blogs on my roll. They're there because they're good, not because they're financially viable. There is a difference.

The more I sense you're trying to make money from me via your blog, the more likely I am to click, not on your adsense ads, but on the little red and white 'x' at the right side of my Firefox tabs.
I'm another reader who is in it for the content-based links not the commerce based ones. I don't think I've ever clicked an ad out of a blog, probably never will, & feel like the creeping commercialism of this whole thing is putting the wrong em_phasis on the wrong sy_llable. Here's to content!!

Posted at 9:07 AM by John.

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