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Friday, October 14, 2005
Bloglines Boosted
Keyboard shortcuts for navigation, markup for "keeping articles as new," & some other good stuff. SEW has a breakdown, as does Steve at Micropersuasion.

As for Google Reader? ResearchBuzz makes a judgement:

"If you use a lot of GMail and Blogger this will be right up your street since those tools are integrated extremely well into the Reader. But I'll give it a miss -- there's nothing here to persuade me away from Newsgator or Bloglines."

I like the integration. I blog from multiple computers & haven't got bookmarklets on all of them, so being able to access blogthis out of reader is grand. It is taking a while to get used to the way that posts are displayed & navigated, though, & Kinja remains my reader of choice.
Posted at 9:15 AM by John.

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