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Friday, September 09, 2005
Splog Flag Day
Alright... not sure what I think of this concentrated rush at the splogs. The flag button's just the public face of a back-room clean-up, after all, and there's going to be a lot of sweaty folks with soda-can filled basements & cramping mouse-fingers at the end of whatever Saturday they choose for this...
Blog Herald: Ever wanted to try and knock out or damage your competition who use Google’s Blogger? Then Saturdays your day because thanks to a brainwave from Matt Haughey the mob is decending onto Blogspot blogs on a Saturday to be decided and flagging their hearts away at blogs they think might be spam blogs. If your writing on political topics or anything contentious as well watch out because the mob doesn’t care about collateral damage!

Ah, the mob and the collateral damage. This tool was poorly packaged from day one and has been resisted and rejected because of the potential for abuse. As I have said before, and as Michael says in the comments on Flag Day, the button should be about flagging splogs and not "objectionable content." This would present it as an objective tool to resolve a technical problem, rather than a subjective tool for tagging the opinions of your political opponents.

Flag Day is a noble effort, fellow soda-drinking click-happy basement dwellers, but the truth is that there's a limit to the contribution that users like us can make. The bulk of the work to kill these sites and their revenue-streaming ways has to come from Google & Blogger. As the previous post shows, they're making a start.

Duncan at BlogHerald closes his post by advising blogspot users to head for the hills. I'm not there yet, but I'm watching the horizon....

....through the tiny window in my basement.....

Posted at 7:31 AM by John.
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Blogger Peter Brady said...
I like your balanced interpretation of the proposed splog flag day.

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