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Thursday, September 15, 2005
Micro-Spheres on Google Blogs Beta?
There's talk that the key component missing from Google Blog Search is Rankings. I use technorati ranking as a measure of how much buzz there's been here this week relative to the whole (how many points have I gone up / down?) but the whole ranking thing isn't too helpful, especially when the cosmos search shows the new links but the ranking doesn't update.... In fact Technorati's "tag your whole blog" service (& the resulting micro-spheres) could be used to illustrate the irrelevance of the macro-sphere for navigation purposes. I don't want to find blog 14, 562 (no offense, whoever you are...) but I do want to find other bloggers who write about the stuff I write about. In fact, I found Alexandra Samuel (recently subscribed) through a technorati blog tag search for


What has this got to do with Google Search? Rob Cottingham's article views the absence of tags, crucial to creating micro-spheres of interest, as the most critical gap in the new service. Not surprisingly, I agree!! I hope that supported tags are coming, though, both for google blog search and for blogspot blogs. How great would that be? The addition of tag search capacity could be a further huge step forward in traffic & interest.


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