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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Google Cache
Accessing the google cache to find the missing blog maverick post this morning reminded me of last week's 365 tomorrows entry, the 9 billion names of god.
It started back when Google was just a thesis project, back when it was just a drop in the data sea. No one thought to stop it back then. That web site you had, the one you forgot about. Almost everyone’s got one of those, right? But Google doesn’t forget. Google’s studied that thing so many times that it’s studied its own caches of you. What do you figure happens, when a site gets so big that it’s bigger than the internet?”

“It’s still a part of the internet, though.”

“No. Now, the internet is a part of Google.”

The man had a point.
How big is the cache? Is it big enough that the "live" internet is only a part of it? Hmmmm.
Posted at 1:55 PM by John.
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Blogger Blogger said...
That is a very good point. If Gogle makes a copy of everything, then it makes another copy, plus it has a copy of everything current, then it is in a way bigger, than the internet. Just how big is Google? No one really knows.

Have you seen this site? ( creepy

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Blogger AJ said...
This thought borders on profound. Wow.

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